Newspoll: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s lead over Bill Shorten is slashed

Malcolm Turnbull’s popularity as preferred prime minister has slipped significantly in the latest Newspoll while and Labor retains a narrow 51-49 lead over the federal government on a two-party preferred basis.

The major parties haven’t budged on a two-party basis for four Newspolls in a row since the beginning of July, the national survey published in The Australian reveals.

The fresh poll however contains some additional bad news for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The coalition’s primary vote is down two points to 37 per cent while Mr Turnbull’s lead over Labor leader Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister has been cut from 19 to 12 points.

Mr Turnbull slipped from 48 to 44 per cent as preferred Prime Minister, with Mr Shorten edging up from 29 to 32 per cent.

The ALP’s primary vote has fallen one percentage point to 35 per cent, the Newspoll shows.

One Nation’s primary vote jumped two percentage points to nine per cent.

In the super Saturday by-elections on July 28, the coalition particularly struggled in the Queensland seat of Longman, recording a primary vote of just 29.6 per cent while One Nation picked up 15.9 per cent of first preferences.

Labor’s Susan Lamb retained the seat by securing almost 40 per cent of the primary vote.



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