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New Zealand man using Kiwipedo username tried to buy child for sexual exploitation like Josef Fritzl

A paedophile has admitted he tried to buy a child for $15,000 so he could sexually exploit it like the notorious daughter rapist Josef Fritzl. 

The New Zealand man, using the name ‘Kiwipedo’ on the dark web, offered to pay the amount  in cash or bitcoin for a child under the age of seven for sexual abuse.

Appearing in Auckland District Court on Thursday, the man pleaded guilty to entering into a dealing involving a person under 18 for sexual exploitation between January 13, 2015 and February 20, 2015 and being in possession of 417 objectionable images. 

Kiwipedo was unknowingly messaging an undercover officer working in Australia when he suggested they should ‘kidnap one and use a basement like Fritz’, NZ Herald reported.

That was understood to be a reference to Austrian rapist Josef Fritzl, who kidnapped and repeatedly raped his daughter in a basement over 24 years in which she also bore some children. 

The undercover detective then forwarded Kiwipedo’s details to other officers who interacted with him.  

Kiwipedo mentioned to one of the detectives that he was willing to pay $15,000 in cash or bitcoin for a child under the age of seven. 

The detective questioned if an Asian child would suffice and if it would draw suspicion.  

‘It’s called a basement,’ Kiwipedo responded, giving another reference to Frtizl horrific crimes. 

Kiwipedo messaged a third undercover detective suggesting they meet up at a motel to abuse a child. 

He also suggested they exchange USBs with explicit content on them to increase their child abuse photo collection.     

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