New year, new you: from wild swimming, yoga and at-home exercises to biking, 10 ways to keep healthy


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Most of us start the new year with ambitious plans for healthier eating and more exercise…. Plans that usually get tossed out of the window in a matter of weeks. But if you have another way of exercising, you’re less likely to exercise.

Getting bored. We might use some new ways to stay fit, with gyms closed for the near future. Some of the best are here.

Go rollerblading yourself

When you think of rollerblading, with elbow and knee pads wiggling about like Bambi, you might imagine anxious children. But it’s time to put those pictures out of your mind, because for those who want to look cool and stay fit at the same time, rollerblades are now the accessory of choice. During the lockdown, Rollerblade sales skyrocketed as people searched for a fun way to get around locally (while maintaining a secure social distance), and the sport is now popular among all age groups. While it is definitely fun to roller skate, it can also be risky. So be sure to wear a helmet and carefully prepare your path in advance, avoiding steep descents or rugged terrain before your skates are more confident. To get the hang of it, try your local skate park or a quiet parking lot (the area around the Riverside Museum in Glasgow is an especially popular place). The universe is, from there, your oyster….

Go with your dog for a jog

With dog ownership on the rise in 2020, our four-legged buddies are taking more and more of us for a stroll in Scotland. Why not take your dog for a stroll, though? It will definitely make your jog more interesting, and it’s also a perfect way to make your jog more interesting.

It’s also a perfect way to burn off your dog’s infinite energy and let off some steam. You can tie special bungee cords around your waist, or you can just keep the leash in your hand, but it is important that you slowly increase the distances so that you can both get used to running together. Know that in order to make your dog go to the toilet, you would eventually have to wait. So don’t plan on beating your personal best while your dog is in tow, and don’t forget to give him time to cool down and then drink. Some dog breeds – such as pugs or bulldogs – are not ideal for running at all and you should not attempt to jog with puppies under the age of 12 months, as it can hurt their developing joints.

Try Swimming in the Wild

There is no shortage of water tanks in Scotland. There is plenty of options for those who want to try swimming in the great outdoors, whether it’s the 30,000 lochs and lochs spread across the country or our 11,000 miles of coastline. But it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. At this time of year, the shock of the water temperature can be serious, so wear a wetsuit and don’t sit in cold water for a long time unless you’re a pro. Also, be sure to take someone with you, even if they’re only watching from the shore, to assist in the event of an emergency, and be sure to pick a safe place without a dangerous current. You will enjoy the exhilarating rush (not to mention the fantastic views) that wild swimming in Scotland brings once you have taken appropriate safety precautions.

On YouTube, do an HIIT workout.

We lost our mutual passion for Joe Wicks’ YouTube workouts after the first lockdown, which provided our springtime soundtrack. But now, with another lockdown in place and winter weather making outdoor fitness less appealing, YouTube at-home workouts are once again becoming attractive. There are plenty to choose from, but if you live indoors, you’re better off opting for a 15-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

To stop making the neighbors mad with noise, interval training (HIIT) It may not sound like much, but a short HIIT session can burn a lot of calories and leave your muscles sore for days to come. There’s also no excuse for being too busy – who can’t spare 20 minutes or so when there’s nothing else to do with their time right now?

Try a walking meeting

Many of us will be returning to work in the next few days after taking some time off over the holidays. Since working from home is still the norm for most, e


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