New weather maps show a ‘intense 46°C heat dome’ engulfing Europe for the next seven days.


New weather maps show a ‘intense 46°C heat dome’ engulfing Europe for the next seven days.

According to the latest estimates, Europe will be sweltering in a “intense 46C heat dome” over the coming week and into the weekend as the unprecedented heatwave continues.

This summer’s catastrophic heat wave has already seen temperatures rise beyond 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in numerous regions. Meteorologists now predict the scorching heat to last into the coming week, potentially making it the most severe since the 1980s. Over the next seven days of August, the latest weather maps from WxCHARTS show swaths of deep colors of black, orange, and red hot air expanding across the Iberian peninsula.

Severe Weather EU’s main forecaster, Marko Korosec, also warned of highs of 46 degrees Celsius burning regions of southern Europe, potentially aggravating “serious wildfire threats.”

“This summer, parts of Europe are expected to be scorched by yet another strong heatwave,” he said.

“A large heat dome, centered over the Mediterranean, is predicted to lock in the weather pattern across the southern regions of the continent.

“This will result in extreme heat, with the maximum temperatures forecast in Italy, Malta, and Greece through the middle of the week, then intensifying over Spain and Portugal for the weekend.

“For several days, peak temperatures will reach approximately 46°C, worsening the continuing severe dryness and making circumstances even more favorable for major wildfire threats.

“A heat dome is a word used when a vast area of high pressure is parked over a large portion of the continent for days or even weeks, as we saw this summer.”

Temperatures in parts of Spain might reach 40 degrees Celsius this week, according to BBC Weather meteorologist Chris Fawkes.

“We have a north-south split with the weather in Europe right now,” he remarked.

“We’ve seen showers or longer periods of rain in northern parts for several countries.

“Meanwhile, the Mediterranean is becoming increasingly scorching as the heat wave persists.

“Of course, Greece is concerned about wildfires.

“Actually, the wildfire is spreading considerable smoke and cloudy skies into neighboring parts of ventral Greece, resulting in poor vision in areas like Skiathos as a result of the wildfire smoke.

“As pressure builds in north Europe over the next several days, there will be a tendency to see few showers.

“However, in the south of Europe, the heat continues.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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