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New South Wales records 14 new coronavirus cases

New South Wales has recorded 14 new coronavirus cases from returned travellers who are now in hotel quarantine.

The state has recorded 3,230 cases to date with only one case recently recorded outside of hotel quarantine after a test revealed on Saturday a Central Coast high school student had previously caught the virus, but was no longer infectious. 

Deputy Chief Health Officer Jeremy McNulty says four residents of the Sydney nursing home Newmarch House and an XPT passenger who were showing symptoms, all tested negative.

An outbreak at the western Sydney facility run by Anglicare was declared over in mid-June after 37 residents and 34 staff caught the virus, and 19 residents died.

Dr McNulty said although there were no community transmissions, people needed to remain vigilant with hygiene and social distancing.

‘The virus is likely circulating among people in the community with mild symptoms, as such, the risk of outbreaks and a resurgence of cases remains,’ he said.

‘People who may show no obvious symptoms or have very mild symptoms can unknowingly pass it to others if they are incubating the infection.’

A further 18,144 tests were conducted as of 8pm on Saturday, taking the total to 942,432 tests in the state. 

NSW reported six new cases on Saturday, an 18-year old student from a Central Coast high school and five returned travellers in hotel quarantine. 

At midnight, international arrivals in Sydney were capped at 450 a day in a bid to ensure the hotel quarantining system was not stretched to breaking point. 

The state has just 69 people being treated for COVID-19, while 2799 others have recovered from the illness.

Dr McNulty again said people who have been in one of the Melbourne hotspots cannot travel to NSW and any NSW residents who has been in a hotspot location needs to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Victoria recorded 108 new cases on Saturday, the second-highest daily number since the pandemic began.

Premier Daniel Andrews has taken drastic measures to quell a cluster of up to 30 cases in public housing in inner-Melbourne by shutting down nine buildings, which affects 3000 people.

Dozens of suburbs in the city have also been issues with stay-at-home orders.

Albanvale, Brooklyn and West Footscray are just a few of the suburbs that have been ordered into lockdown.  

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd said the state was doing the right thing by testing, tracing and isolating.

Dr Kidd says Victoria’s case numbers aren’t rising substantially despite the high volume of tests being conducted, in a hopeful sign.

‘The figures are showing some signs of stabilisation but it is too early to confirm,’ he told reporters in Canberra.

‘We hope they have, given the level of testing and contact tracing under way but we need to follow up for a few more days.’ 

A major medical association has also called for a temporary halt to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions across the country after the alarming surge in Victoria’s coronavirus cases.  

Australian Medical Association president Tony Bartone says the new outbreaks in Melbourne are a stark reminder that the battle against COVID-19 is far from over and Australians will need to learn to live with the virus in the community.

‘These new outbreaks send a strong signal that the other states should rethink the pace of easing of their COVID-19 restrictions until community transmission in Melbourne is under control to avoid the risk of a similar situation playing out in their own communities,’ Dr Bartone said. 

‘Before rushing back to the pub, the footy crowds, or the big weddings and parties, Australia should pause and play it safe.’ 

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