New ‘red tape’ threatens to derail Brexit – the UK and EU have been forced to act.


New ‘red tape’ threatens to derail Brexit – the UK and EU have been forced to act.

New ‘red tape’ threatens to delay Brexit, forcing the UK and EU to act.

NORTHERN Ireland’s leading retailers are facing severe trade disruption as a result of the Brexit Protocol’s current arrangements.

In Northern Ireland, a number of supermarkets have issued an urgent call to action. Six grocery companies representing 75% of Northern Ireland’s grocery market have written to European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic and Brexit Minister Lord Frost, urging swift action on UK-NI trade.

They urged the UK and the European Union to hold meetings, inspect their supply chains and distribution centers, and find a solution to the problem.

According to the corporations, if “quick, decisive, and joint activity on this matter is not made,” “there will be disruption.”

Currently, the Northern Ireland Protocol aims to avoid a hard border with Ireland.

It also ensures that the country remains a member of the EU’s product single market.

However, later this year, even more checks on goods arriving from the United Kingdom will be carried out.

If no solution is found, supermarkets have warned that exporting products from the United Kingdom to the European Union might become more expensive and cumbersome as early as October.

According to Helen Dickson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium, the expiration of the Northern Ireland grace period looms large in the thoughts of every British retailer with supply chains in Northern Ireland.

“If nothing is done, the people of Northern Ireland, who have half the discretionary income of households in the United Kingdom, will bear the weight of this impasse, which will result in fewer options and higher costs for essential food purchases.”

“New red tape is already causing delays, new costs are rising, and ‘just-in-time’ supply chains are experiencing issues,” she stated.

“We need to see genuine desire on both sides to negotiate an agreement that benefits those who would be most affected: Northern Ireland’s people.”

“Our members have spent a lot of money in recent months to try to minimize interruption, but disruption will be inescapable if the regime that goes into force in October is unrealistic and overly burdensome,” Ms Dickson said.

“Retailers have shown their desire to comply; now the Government and EU must help us by removing roadblocks in the GB-NI supply chain.

“Retailers have shown their desire to comply; now the government and the EU must help us by removing barriers to GB-NI supply chains.”

A warning was also issued by the supermarkets. “Brinkwire News in a Nutshell.”


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