New maps show a scorching 27°C heatwave in the Azores, which will burn Britain.


New maps show a scorching 27°C heatwave in the Azores, which will burn Britain.

According to the latest long-range weather projections, Britain is likely to fry in a scorching 27°C Azores heatwave in the coming days.

Next week, hot air will be pushed towards the UK from the Atlantic, where the Azores islands are located. The newest Netwaether heat maps show temperatures in London and Kent reaching a blistering 27°C on Sunday, July 18. Highs of 26°C are expected in Essex, Doncaster, and Norwich, while 25°C is expected in Bristol, Portsmouth, and Scarborough.

Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze posted maps from next Sunday showing “very warm” air travelling across the UK.

“ECM, GEM, and GFS deterministics are broadly consistent at t+10 days, thus increasing confidence,” he stated on Twitter.

“This development has the potential to be very warm, but nagging worries about its “robustness” remain.”

Mr Gaze noted that the hot air is forecast to arrive from the Azores and could linger until the end of July.

“The Azores High pressure will grow northeastwards across the UK during the middle of July,” he informed this website.

“This would bring drier weather than we’ve seen recently, with temperatures in the south reaching the mid- to upper-twenties.

“As weather fronts from the Atlantic continue to surge in, northern portions of the UK may remain cooler and more unpredictable.

“It’s too early to determine how long the more summery weather will endure, but computer models indicate that drier and warmer-than-average conditions could persist until the third week of July.”

High pressure, according to the BBC’s long-range prediction, could help temperatures soar by the middle of July.

“The Jet Stream” (a ribbon of fast-moving air in the upper atmosphere that drives weather systems) looks to be strengthening from North America as it crosses the Atlantic, helping to push new weather fronts into the UK, according to the forecast between Monday, July 12 and Sunday, July 18.

“The greatest danger to the prediction is that high pressure in the Atlantic builds stronger than expected into northern Europe.

“This would be a drier pattern for the southern and eastern parts of the country, however wetter weather in the west and north would still be possible.

“Temperatures would also be a little higher, constantly rising above average, especially in the south.

“Our shorter-term computer models are indicating that.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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