New long-range maps show a scorching 31°C tropical blast slamming into the United Kingdom.


New long-range maps show a scorching 31°C tropical blast slamming into the United Kingdom.

A HEATWAVE might hit Britain once more, according to the latest long-range weather projections, which predict a scorching 31°C tropical blast.

Following a wet and windy end to July, high pressure could send temperatures soaring next month. The latest Netweather heat maps show red hot air moving across the south-east during the middle of August, with London, Leeds, and Kent enjoying in 26 degrees on Sunday, August 8. Temperatures could increase even further in the coming days, with a sweltering 31°C predicted for Norwich on Friday, August 13.

On the other hand, Essex could reach 30°C on the same day, while London, Cambridge, Peterborough, and Doncaster will witness 28°C.

Brighton, Southampton, and Portsmouth may witness temperatures of 25°C, while Sheffield may see temperatures of 27°C.

Nicola Maxey, a spokesman for the Met Office, projected that the country would experience “hotter spells” next month.

“The start of the month is forecast to be unpredictable, with temperatures most likely similar to or slightly below normal for the time of year,” she told this website.

“There is a tentative signal for more steady circumstances to develop throughout the second part of the month, with high pressure becoming slightly more likely.

“If this happens, we could see drier conditions, though there is still a chance of showers or thunderstorms at times, and temperatures could go up starting in the middle of the month, increasing the chance of some hotter spells.

“It’s too early to say if these temperatures will approach heatwave thresholds,” the BBC’s long-range prediction said. As the month progressed, high pressure was expected to sweep warmer tropical air into the UK, according to the BBC’s long-range forecast.

However, circumstances are expected to be mixed next month, with “drier, sunnier weather” persisting throughout the second half of the month.

“More frequent Atlantic weather fronts will keep things changing day-to-day, with some warmer and drier spells anticipated, though they may be fleeting,” according to the forecast from Monday, August 9 to Sunday, August 22.

“With more regular north-west winds bringing in air from closer Iceland and Greenland, this is still a cooler pattern. With short-lived ridges of high pressure moving in from the southwest and bringing additional tropical air, the time between fronts will be the best for warmer and drier conditions.

“Towards the end of August, the prediction became a little more complicated, with the possibility of high pressure becoming more prominent.

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