New footage reveals the scale of the deadly border clash between China and India.


New footage reveals the scale of the deadly border clash between China and India.

As President Xi embarks on a new military strategy in the region, footage has emerged of India’s significant ramping up of personnel and military aircraft on its border with China.

Despite China and India’s forces disengaging in the area over August 4-5, where 20 soldiers were killed last year, the Indian armed forces have increased their military action in Eastern Ladakh, India. Tanks, armoured vehicles, and soldiers can be observed undertaking “special operations” surrounding the Nyoma Advanced Landing Ground, while Apache, Chinook, and Mi-17 fighter helicopters are constantly patrolling the area (ALG). Because of its proximity to the Line of Actual Control, which separates the two superpowers, the Nyoma ALG, an isolated remote airfield at an altitude of 13,500 feet, is strategically crucial.

WION news agency reporter Priyanka Sharma said the fresh footage suggests a new plan by the Indian armed forces to build up their presence in the region in order to keep China at bay.

She went on to say that the activity is also a “display of might” by India to China, as Indian personnel carry out “special operations” to demonstrate their ability to operate “successfully” in a contested zone.

It also serves to “bridge the gap” between airbases located far from the Chinese border.

According to Sharma, the new presence of aircraft and trucks in eastern Ladakh “enables speedy movement of troops and materials.”

The Indian army can be seen doing low-altitude drills in Apache helicopters and other helicopters in the film.

Tanks may be seen speeding through valleys, ostensibly conducting attack drills.

As they flex their military capabilities in front of China, Indian soldiers can also be seen exiting aircraft and “showcasing” a simulated strike.

The reporter went on to describe how the regiments in the area have modified military assets like tanks and armored vehicles to allow them to operate “more effectively” at higher altitudes.

She went on to say that the army is striving to build a “vast infrastructure” to support the new tank operations.

As part of a “huge” campaign to strengthen up the Indian army’s presence, these infrastructure projects include the installation of tank shelters in the area.

Despite a drop in hostilities, she noted that the measure is also “to resist Chinese aggressiveness in eastern Ladakh.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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