New chart becomes RED HOT – nation to sizzle in 33C – newest maps


New chart becomes RED HOT – nation to sizzle in 33C – newest maps

The latest temperature charts show the UK turning red hot as an area of high pressure comes in, and highs of 33C are possible next week.

Temperatures are expected to surge from the end of this week through the weekend, with one forecaster predicting that by the end of next week, temperatures might reach a sweltering 33 degrees Celsius. The Met Office attributes the change in weather to an area of high pressure, which will provide settled, dry, and sunny weather to much of the country.

Several charts from The Weather Outlook were shared on Twitter from Saturday, July 17 through Wednesday, July 21.

The temperature thickness and air density charts show the UK turning a deep red, signifying a spike in temperatures.

A figure of 528 decameters appears on all of the charts, indicating tropical air, which produces extremely hot or heatwave conditions.

“Wonder if we could reach 33C or thereabout n/week if ECM12z is correct,” the caption stated.

Temperatures are expected to rise from the end of this week, with highs of 26C expected on Saturday, according to separate Netweather temperature charts.

Much of the UK turns a dark crimson as the mercury rises to the mid-20s, according to the chart, which is valid for 6 p.m. on July 17.

Temperatures are expected to rise much more on Sunday, with a high of 29 expected in the capital by late afternoon.

Warm weather is forecast for the rest of the UK, with highs of 28°C expected for much of England.

Temperatures in Wales, Northern Ireland, and areas of eastern Scotland are also expected to reach the mid-20s.

The mild weather is expected to continue into the new working week, with temperatures expected to remain in the mid-to-low 20s, according to the forecast.

Highs of 26 degrees Celsius are expected in the south east on Friday, July 23.

By the weekend, temperatures are expected to drop to the high teens and low 20s.

According to Netweather, the forthcoming weather trend will provide dry, warm weather to much of the UK.

“The early half of this week will be dominated by high pressure, which will deliver dry and sunny weather to the bulk of the country,” they warned on Monday, July 19.

“It is anticipated to be brighter than average almost everywhere, and most parts of the UK will also be drier than average, but with potential,” they added.


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