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Neighbourliness will get us through Covid — not snitching and curtain twitching

WE have known for months that track and trace is the key to beating Covid.

But the Government just can’t seem to get a robust and efficient programme off the ground.

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First ministers and officials spent precious months messing around with a glitchy app. Then they failed to train tracers properly.

And now it transpires there are no tests available in ANY of the top ten Covid-19 hotspots in England.

You’d think politicians would be embarrassed by this litany of errors.

But not a bit of it. Rather than fixing the myriad of testing problems, they’re failing to get on top of them — and slapping the public with overreaching lockdown laws like the “rule of six” instead.

Worse still, they’re ordering Brits to snitch and call the cops if they see their neighbours bending rules.

This is the WRONG approach.

Community spirit got Britain through the darkest days of lockdown.

We clapped on our doorsteps for heroic key workers. We brought food and medicine to the elderly. We got our kids painting rainbows to give local NHS staff a much-needed morale boost.

And IF there is a second wave of deaths and hospitalisations, it will be neighbourliness, not snitching and curtain twitching, that will get us through again.

We must unite our communities, not divide them.

GOOD on Rishi Sunak for cracking on with the Government’s bold plan to open ten new freeports across Britain.

Freeports — special zones exempt from tax and red tape — are a brilliant way of capturing new trading opportunities.

In pushing for them, the Chancellor is delivering for every part of the coalition that won the Tories the election.

For traditional free marketeers, ­freeports serve as a welcome sign that post-Brexit Britain will be nimble and outward-looking.

And for those in the industrial heartlands who put their trust in the Conservatives for the first time last December, it could mean thousands of new, decently paid manufacturing jobs.

EU chiefs: Do your worst. With ambitious and imaginative policies such as this, we have a feeling that post-Brexit Britain is destined for success.

AS if 2020 wasn’t already surreal enough, scientists have now detected stinky ­phosphine in the clouds of Venus.

This raises the astonishing possibility that the planet — which has a surface temperature of around 867F — may have some kind of microbial life flourishing in its atmosphere.

If the September sunshine left you hot and bothered yesterday, spare a thought for those poor Venusian aliens.

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