Neighbors get into an argument after a vegan claims that the man’s cooking makes her unwell.


Neighbors get into an argument after a vegan claims that the man’s cooking makes her unwell.

A MEAT-EATER was speechless when his vegan neighbor complained about the scent of his cooking, claiming it made her “feel nauseous.”

After his “Karen-like” vegan neighbor challenged him about cooking beef jerky outside because her family didn’t eat meat, the man was taken aback. He claims to enjoy beef jerky and has been making his own for a few years in his yard using a dehydrator.

His old neighbors loved it, and everytime he produced more, he would give them a bag, but his new neighbors aren’t so delighted.

When they moved in six months ago, the meat eater claims he had a good connection with his neighbors, but that has now deteriorated after she “rudely” complained about the smell.

“The female neighbor knocked on our door and asked if we could stop preparing beef jerky outside because her and her husband are vegans, and the stench makes them sick,” he wrote on Reddit.

“She wasn’t very kind about it, in fact, she was harsh, very Karen-like.”

He told them he would rather not manufacture beef jerky inside because the smell is so strong it permeates the house, according to the protective neighbor.

He stated that he only makes it every two or three months and offered to move the dehydrator away from their side to help with the odor.

“Last week I was preparing jerky again and sure enough she knocks on the door, this time much angrier and more demanding we stop since it was making her and her child sick,” he added, irritated by the neighbor’s behavior. I told her no, I wasn’t going to quit, and that maybe they could close their house or something.”

He admitted that he felt awful because he understood her point of view and questioned Reddit members if he was incorrect.

“People BBQ in their backyards all the time, and that scent goes everywhere!” one user stated emphatically. Is she going to go about telling everyone else that they can’t BBQ in their backyards because the stench of hotdogs and ribs is unbearable? Some people’s entitlement boggles my mind.”

Another remarked they could see the neighbor’s point of view: “Dehydrating meat is a powerful process.” And it’s still there. “Brinkwire Summary News” was a term my father used to use.


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