‘Nefarious plans!’ As a Royal Navy cruiser passes through the Taiwan Strait, China strikes out at the United Kingdom.


‘Nefarious plans!’ As a Royal Navy cruiser passes through the Taiwan Strait, China strikes out at the United Kingdom.

CHINA has harshly criticized the United Kingdom for sending a warship into the Taiwan Strait.

The UK’s actions, according to Beijing, “hinted at malevolent intentions.” This occurred when the HMS Richmond, a British warship, went through the strait on its way to Vietnam. The Chinese military then tracked the ship as it navigated the tumultuous maritime path.

Larisa Brown, The Times’ defense editor, called the occurrence “very rare.”

She tweeted today: “The Royal Navy sending a frigate or destroyer via the Taiwan Strait is quite unusual.

“The last time was in 2008 with HMS Kent.

“The survey ship arrived in 2019.”

While participating in UN sanctions enforcement operations against North Korea, the UK ship was stationed in the East China Sea.

Under President Xi Jinping’s leadership, Beijing has increased military and political pressure on Taiwan, claiming it as its own territory.

The United States has armed Taiwan, which is governed democratically, in response to China’s threat.

Almost every month, US warships pass through the Taiwan Strait.

This is despite China’s repeated protests.

Allies of the United States, on the other hand, have been hesitant to follow suit.

The Eastern Theatre Command of the People’s Liberation Army announced it had dispatched air and naval units to track the British ship.

According to the Chinese military, “This type of behavior has nefarious motives and jeopardizes the Taiwan Strait’s peace and stability.

“Theatre command forces are always on high alert and resolutely oppose all threats and provocations,” says the statement.

Chiu Kuo-cheng, Taiwan’s defense minister, claimed he was unaware of the details of foreign ships sailing through the Taiwan Strait.

He told reporters that foreign ships were present “If you travel through the Taiwan Strait, our military will have a good understanding of the situation.

“However, they will not become involved.”

China has increased its military exercises in the vicinity of Taiwan.

The Chinese air force has been flying into the southern sector of Taiwan’s air defense zone on a near-daily basis.


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