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Nebula Capsule projector




What is it?

An Android OS powered portable projector.

Streaming devices such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick have proved hugely popular for their ability to turn any television into a smart display. The trouble with these gadgets is their dependency on external displays to view the content from the device.

By projecting video, the Nebula Capsule eliminates the need for a middleman meaning you can stream content anywhere.

Good Points?

Unlike many portable projectors which favour flat designs, Nebula has opted for a cylindrical shape that’s similar in size to a soft drink can. This elevates the lens allowing you get closer to a wall or projection screen while minimising its area footprint.

Its design also provides 360-degree audio output which is ideal for listening to music when placed in the centre of a room.

A built-in 100 lumen bulb projects up to a massive 100 inches (254cm) which is akin to a small cinema and ample for private viewings or corporate presentations.

Bad points?

It can be very difficult to add new apps as the traditional method of downloading new content through Google Store is absent.

The remote control is prone to lag and can get quite frustrating when it eventually kicks in and you realise you have overshot the item you were trying to navigate to.

Best for …

Those who like to take their entertainment and big screen with them wherever they go.

Avoid if …

You need a projector with perfect-picture resolution across a larger screen area as this device gets progressively blurry as it goes over 65in.

Score: 7/10.

Nebula Capsule, £279.95 (

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