NBA Rumors: Tristan Thompson Distraction May Power Cavs To Commerce

The Cleveland Cavaliers could use a shot in the arm if their old hands were up and healthy. That includes Tristan Thompson who is unfortunately recuperating from a foot injury.

Unfortunately, seeing Thompson man up and help the cause of the embattled franchise seems close to nil. Making matters worse is his off-court issues, particularly the one involving Khloe Kardashian. As mentioned in a previous post, the 27-year-old cager recently broke up with her after Thompson was caught making out with Jordyn Woods – a close friend of Khloe’s step-sister Kyle Jenner.

In essence, the whole thing has become a distraction for the Cavs. They are simply going through the motion of finishing this NBA season and make key additions in the summer. But before that, head coach Larry Drew and company would want to make the most out of this season with the resources they have.

Kevin Love is back and one can just imagine the help a healthy Tristan Thompson brings. But even if the latter would return, he is creating a lot of distraction for the franchise. It seems that he loves partying and making out with women.

His scandal involving Khloe Kardashian and Jordyn Woods has yet to be settled and it seems that the mess has not slowed down his off-court activities. In fact, he was spotted recently with another mystery woman, later on revealed to be a model named Karizma Ramirez, reported.

Such has opened up a lot of things, including the number of women that the Canadian pro cager has been seeing. Regardless of how many there are, the point here is that Thompson is not helping the team’s cause.

Looking forward, it will be interesting if the Cavs will factor in any of those in the near future. Thompson still has a year left on his deal with Cleveland before he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2020. He is due to make $18.5 million next season.

Thompson’s teammates are unhappy with the distractions and such could be something that Drew and Cavs management may consider, Cavaliers Nation reported. With Cleveland hoping to start fresh, Thompson and his distractions may not be part of the new lease.

An NBA trade happening in the offseason is not remote unless Thompson finds a way to play pro ball and separate his personal life issue. With so much on his plate, it will be equally interesting if he can focus on playing NBA ball and deal with his social life separately and at the proper time.