Nature’s potential: According to MPs, halting wildlife decline will help protect 750,000 jobs.


Nature’s potential: According to MPs, halting wildlife decline will help protect 750,000 jobs.

A key Tory MP yesterday urged government to help avert a “ecological disaster” by committing to halting animal decreases within a decade.

Henry Smith, a Conservative Environment Network member from Crawley, said the Environment Bill currently before Parliament does not set a legal timeframe for reversing animal decreases. He also mentioned that the natural environment supports approximately 750,000 jobs and more than £27 billion in economic output in the country.

Mr Smith stated that significant action is required to safeguard wildlife in the UK, since nearly half of our species, such as hedgehogs and water voles, as well as birds like the turtle dove, are in decline.

“The appalling truth is that Britain’s wildlife has been in steep decline for decades, and this lost legacy poses a threat to our economic prosperity and security,” he said.

“Fortunately, the government has pledged to halting nature’s deterioration by the end of the decade.

“This has the capacity to reverse the environmental disaster. But only if, as the Environment Bill presently moves through Parliament, this goal is put expressly into law.

“Failure to act on these warnings will have a significant impact on the Treasury’s coffers and our wallets.

“However, restoring nature can create jobs and save us money that we would otherwise have to pay in the future on things like flood defenses.”

The Conservative Environment Network, which has the support of 104 Conservative MPs, advocates for more environmentally friendly policies.

In the United Kingdom, there is widespread support for a legal commitment to halt the degradation of nature.

Last month, the Wildlife and Countryside Link presented Environment Secretary George Eustice with a petition signed by 208,000 people requesting a legislative commitment to halt wildlife decreases.

A appeal to make greater space for wildlife is at the heart of the Daily Express’s Green Britain Needs You campaign.

The Express is seeking money to help the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds purchase a nature reserve in the New Forest as part of this.

The Bat Conservation Trust’s chief executive, Kit Stoner, emphasized the importance of environmental conservation in the United Kingdom.

“In our country, 41 percent of species are in decline, and 15 percent are on the verge of extinction,” she stated.

“Eleven of the 47 native animals are classed as critically endangered, including the water vole, dormouse, and grey long-eared.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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