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Naomi Campbell dons a FULL hazmat suit fit with goggles and a mask while travelling on a plane

She is preparing to turn 50 next week with a low-key lockdown celebration. 

But Naomi Campbell was on the move on Saturday, and shared a selfie from the plane where she donned a full hazmat suit fit with goggles and a mask.

The supermodel, 49, recently posted a six-minute long video titled ‘Protecting Myself Against Coronavirus’, where she took fans through her complex PPE gear worn when travelling. 

The selfie showed Naomi sat on what appears to be a pink blanket covering the aeroplane seat while she is covered head to toe in the white protective equipment. 

The catwalk queen titled the post: ‘On the move…’

Naomi recently clarified that she has been deep cleaning her seats on aeroplanes for 15-17 years and only decided to document it last year, she stressed that COVID-19 is ‘all new for her’. 

The fashion icon has also previously stressed that she wasn’t wearing this outfit to be ‘humorous’ and ‘for a laugh’.

Instead clarifying: ‘This is how I feel comfortable travelling if I have to. I’m keeping it [travelling] at a minimum. If I do have to go, I’m keeping it like this.’ 

Her extravagant display comes after she discussed her birthday plans for lockdown and why she is ‘not afraid of 50.’

Speaking on her YouTube live series, No Filter with Naomi, the model shared: ‘Frankly, if I am here on May 22, in isolation, I’m blessed.

‘I’m not afraid of 50. I’m going to be spending my 50th here. I’m fine with it.

‘And when the crisis is over, it’ll be back to work for a model who’s carved out a phenomenal 30-year career in the fashion industry.’

Throughout the lockdown Naomi has shared various pics dressed in her protective gear and urged fans to ‘wear gloves’ and ‘be safe.’

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