Nando’s employee who charred her breasts on the grill begs for money for breast reduction surgery.


Nando’s employee who charred her breasts on the grill begs for money for breast reduction surgery.

The NHS turned down a woman’s request for a breast reduction because her boobs were so large that she burned them on a Nando’s grill.

Esme ‘Lili’ Clemson, from Wolverhampton, was cleaning up at a fast food restaurant when one of her 32JJ breasts came into contact with the blazing hot grill – one of many painful occurrences she has had as a result of her breast size. Some of her experiences at school, where she was always dubbed “large boobs,” have left the 20-year-old traumatized.

Ms. Clemson continues to receive creepy comments about her body from strangers, which has driven her to breaking point.

After being rejected a breast reduction on the NHS, the teen is now looking for contributions to help her pay for a private procedure.

“My boobs are currently 32JJ/K,” she claimed to The Mirror. My age group is usually a 32C.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t consider getting a pay cut. To me, that would mean the world.

“I wouldn’t want these boobs to fall into the hands of my worst enemy. I believe that most people are unaware of the gravity of the situation.

“It’s not a good thing. My boobs aren’t perky; they sag, droop, and are covered in stretch marks. They’re not appealing or pleasant to look at.”

The teen’s enormous breasts have caused her a slew of physical problems, including back pain and sluggishness, as well as her recent Nando’s ordeal.

“The grill was still hot, and I leaned too far over when cleaning the back, and I burned one side of my boob as I was leaning over,” she continued.

Ms. Clemson also mentioned that she had pimples on her breasts, which she attributes to their size.

“Because there is so much skin on skin in my torso and chest area, sweat gathers and I develop pimples in particular areas,” she explained.

“It makes them appear uglier, and I feel uglier as a result.”

When her boobs grew from a B cup to an E cup between the ages of 13 and 14, she became the center of unwanted attention at school.

Her breasts grew one or two cup sizes each year following that, eliciting snide remarks from several of her classmates.

“I had a lot more man pals than girls with my boobs,” she remarked. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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