Nancy Reagan, the first lady of the United States, organized Princess Diana’s “storybook moment.”


Nancy Reagan, the first lady of the United States, organized Princess Diana’s “storybook moment.”

PRINCESS After the former First Lady stated Diana’s “dream” was to dance with the Hollywood icon, John Travolta approached her.

In an interview with a PBS special program, ‘In Their Own Words: Diana, Princess of Wales,’ Hollywood actor John Travolta described his experience dancing with Princess Diana as a “storybook moment.” He said that First Lady Nancy Reagan planned their well-publicized dance by encouraging the actor to approach the Princess during a dinner party she and her husband, Prince Charles, were attending.

“It was a fairytale moment,” John Travolta stated.

‘The princess, her fantasy is to dance with you,’ Nancy Reagan remarked, tapping on my shoulder. I answered, ‘Of course,’ when she asked whether I wanted to dance with her tonight.’

“My heart begins to race, so I tap her on the shoulder, and she turns around and looks at me, doing the modest dip she did, and she looked up at me, and I asked, ‘Would you like to dance with me?’

He later said that the couple danced for 15 minutes after the “whole room cleared.”

The star of Grease and Saturday Night Fever had been invited to a White House evening banquet to greet the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The pair arrived in the United States for a four-day visit in 1985, where they were received by President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan.

President Ronald Reagan arranged an evening celebration to congratulate the young couple on their first night in Washington, and invited a number of celebrities and politicians to attend.

Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, and Neil Diamond were among the celebrities who attended the banquet alongside John Travolta.

While Princess Diana’s dancing wowed the audience, the evening had started off with a glitch when President Ronald Reagan missed Diana’s name in his after-dinner speech.

The Prince and Princess of Wales took part in a variety of engagements during their tour.

Princess Diana paid a visit to a hospice, while Prince Charles went to the National Gallery of Art and saw the Treaty of 1812.

They attended a polo match in Florida and a ceremony at Washington Cathedral together.

Despite putting on a united front for the world, the couple’s marriage was already in trouble.

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