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Naked man who took a shower in a CAR WASH is caught in the act on CCTV

Footage has emerged of the moment a young man enjoyed a very strong shower in a commercial car wash bay, prompting a warning from the owner. 

In the video the man can be seen completely naked, using only his hands for privacy, as his mate sprays him down using one of the high powered water jets.  

Parklands Car and Dog Wash owner Geoff Bowen said he was shocked when he caught sight of the footage, adding that he was concerned because the cleaning chemicals used in the wash can cause burns. 

The business opened on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in July and features one automatic wash bay, four self-serve bays, and a twin dog wash – none of which should be used by people, he said. 

The man used the automatic car wash first and then was hosed off in one of the self-serve bays. 

Mr Bowen said the first wash is a low PH level designed to clean dirt off cars and is a serious cleaning product.  

‘To get that on you and get stuck there is bad, you can get skin burns from the chemicals which is why he went to the self serve bay and doused himself down,’ told The Sunshine Coast Daily. 

‘He couldn’t run the gurney on himself so got his mate to do it who seemed to have a bit of fun.’

‘Apparently he is fine, but he probably won’t be doing something like that again,’ he said. 

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