Naga Munchetty defended the BBC after a heated debate with a Brexiteer, saying, “I’m not!”


After a heated debate with a Brexiteer, Naga Munchetty declared, “I’m not!”

During a heated debate with a Brexiteer, NAGA MUNCHETTY insisted she wasn’t biased, according to newly revealed accounts.

At 4:20 p.m., Ms Munchetty will appear on ITV’s The Chase Celebrity Special, hosted by Bradley Walsh and featuring Total Whipeout’s Amanda Byram, Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas, and Dancing on Ice’s Brendan Cole. The celebrity contestants will pit their wits against the Chaser in the hope of winning thousands of pounds for their charities of choice.

Ms Munchetty has been a regular presenter on BBC Breakfast alongside Charlie Stayt for over a decade, presenting early morning bulletins on BBC News.

The BBC prides itself on its impartiality, but it has been accused of bias by people from all sides of the political spectrum in the past.

When a supporter of the ‘Bong for Brexit’ campaign criticized Ms Munchetty’s line of questioning, she became embroiled in a heated debate.

The BBC newsreader had no choice but to intervene and chastise the Brexiteer, claiming she was “not biased.”

Richard Tice, the current leader of Reform UK, appeared on BBC Breakfast in January 2020 to lend his support to an energetic campaign aimed at ensuring that Big Ben chimed the Brexit moment.

The famous clock tower was decommissioned for four years in 2017 to allow for restoration work on the tower.

Days before Mr Tice’s appearance on BBC Breakfast, the House of Commons Commission predicted that the Brexit bell would not ring because it would cost £500,000 to implement.

“Let us recall that just over two weeks ago on New Year’s Eve, Big Ben chimed for New Year’s Eve and there was no discussion about how much it would cost,” Mr Tice said.

“So, if it can bong after only two and a half weeks, why can’t it bong in just a couple of weeks?”

“Let me answer that, I can answer that,” Ms Munchetty replied.

“The answer is that people don’t vote for New Year’s Day, and they don’t have three-year-long discussions and debates that have divided families and communities.”

“Well, no, the point is that bureaucrats in the House of Commons are attempting to prevent this from happening at this crucial moment in our constitutional history,” Mr Tice sharply interjected.

“I believe that is the case.

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