N0tail is the new OG ‘Dota 2’ mentor, but he wants to take a year off from the game.


N0tail has been named the new OG ‘Dota 2’ mentor, but he wants to take a year off from the game.

N0tail is one of the most well-known “Dota 2” players on the planet right now.

He is considered one of the “original” players because he was able to compete in the original “Dota” LAN competitions.

Now it appears that he will be able to advance his position on the talented OG team.

According to his recently released statements, Johan Sundstein will serve as a mentor to both current and new OG gamers.

Following the announcement of N0tail, OG thanked its fans and promised that a new OG era was on the way.

Meanwhile, many fans are looking forward to seeing more from Johan once he takes over as coach of the current roster.

Remember that N0tail also competed in the recent “Dota 2” TI10, where he put in a strong showing despite a number of unexpected events during the competition.

As OG’s New Mentor, N0tail?

Sundstein has confirmed his desire to coach the team’s current lineup, according to RedBull OG’s latest report.

According to Dot Esports, his confirmation came after Sebastien “Ceb” Debs announced his retirement from “Dota.”

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“I believe it is critical for veteran players to mentor and assist newcomers.

After all, we’ve learned a lot over the years,” N0tail explained.

He went on to say that they wanted to make sure that new players had their own game styles in the future, so they didn’t end up looking like Ceb and the rest of the team.

Sundstein also stated that he needs to pass on the knowledge he gained during his prime in order for new players to reach their full potential as quickly as possible.

N0tail would still be able to take the year off.

Before embarking on his new role as OG’s mentor, N0tail announced that he would take a year off from “Dota 2.”

Since Johan stated that he would be streaming and creating content, you can still see his gaming activities.

He didn’t say whether it would all be about “Dota 2,” though.

In other news, TechTimes reported that Team Spirit is the new champion of “Dota 2” TI10, which is still incredible.

Ceb, on the other hand, recently updated his medical status regarding his eye condition, which could be one of the reasons for his retirement.

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