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Mystery as ‘pure gentleman’ stock horse is found shot dead next to an airstrip

Mystery surrounds the brutal killing of a pedigree stallion on a remote rural property. 

The horse, named The Wolf of Wall Street, was found dead on June 18 after being shot in the heart on a property near Mount Surprise, 330km west of Cairns.

It is believed he was shot between 8pm on Tuesday, June 16 and 3.30pm on Thursday, June 18, while the animal was in the front paddock of the property. 

The horse was bought at auction for $65,000 and nicknamed The Wolf of Wall Street by owners Kelli Thomas and Ray Heslin.

He was in the paddock with four mares when he was killed.

More than a month on, and no motive or suspect have been found. 

‘We would love for that to be tomorrow but if it’s going to take time we are willing to wait because we would eventually like to know who did it,’ Ms Thomas told the Cairns Post.

She described The Wolf as a ‘pure gentleman’ who was easy to be around. 

‘We fell in love with him straight away, he was an outstanding horse and he was perfectly put together, and we bought him because of his bloodline as well,’ she said.

‘Money will not replace him, it was never about the money, we could have sold him several times and we never did because to us he was a special animal and unique.’ 

Investigators from the Major Organised Crime Squad Rural have urged anyone with information to come forward.   

‘A horse of this calibre, and the fact that it’s the only horse that was shot in that paddock when other horses were in there, it lends to a certain line of investigation,’ Detective Sergeant Mark Kerswell told the ABC.

‘It’s a shot that’s gone to the horse’s chest and he has died from that one single shot.

‘This is not the run-of-the-mill horse and it’s not the run-of-the-mill investigation and we are putting resources to this investigation.

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