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Myleene Klass says ‘cheating exes get a house, car and a pay-off’ as she takes an apparent swipe at ex Graham Quinn

MYLEENE Klass appeared to throw shade at her ex Graham Quinn after telling a troll “cheating exes get a house, car and a pay-off”.

The 42-year-old took to Instagram to pay tribute to her boyfriend Simon Motson with a selection of loved-up snaps to celebrate five years together.

But one troll brought the broadcaster right back down to earth with a pretty nasty comment.

They wrote: “Not long before this one cheats on you. Dear oh dear, heading for the lawyers are we?”

Myleene replied with a dig aimed at her ex and said: “He wishes! Cheating exes usually get a house, a car and a fat pay-off.”

Graham was with the singer for 11 years, before he left her just six months after they tied the knot in 2012.

The two met while Graham was a bodyguard for Myleene’s pop group Hear’Say in the early 2000s and went on to share two daughters together – Ava, 13 and Hero, nine.

Before they got married former pop star’s pals begged her to sign a prenuptial agreement so she would keep her estimated £11m fortune if anything went wrong.

She previously told The Mirror: “I married a convicted drug dealer and didn’t sign a pre-nup.

“What was I thinking? When I say that sentence aloud, I realise how stupid it was.

“I just wish I had listened to my dad, my friends and everyone in the papers. Everyone could hear the alarm bells except me. I should have just opened my eyes.”

Two years after their split Graham hit back at Myleene in a Twitter rant after she accused him of taking her money and claimed she wouldn’t let him see his kids.

He wrote: “Thank you for once again slandering my name in the papers… it’s frankly embarrassing and complete lies.

“I lost so much money from our divorce and our house that we bought together.

“…and further money from me fighting you over letting me be a father to my kids whom I haven’t seen in over a year… shameful.”

Last year the pianist opened up about her divorce during her time on Yahoo’s White Wine Question Time podcast.

She admitted that she started to depend on alcohol to cope with it all and also struggled financially for quite some time.

Myleene said: “I was doing breakfast TV and I went to get out the car and I thought, “I can’t… I was right in the middle of the divorce…

“And I opened the door, and I couldn’t get out the car. I couldn’t breathe. Finances were spiralling because I thought, ‘I’m going to lose everything'”.

She added: “The humiliation, you’ve got people looking at you, blaming you without a clue as to what the f**k is going on…

“Lauren (Laverne) came and visited me at 4 in the morning, that’s how low I was. I didn’t want it (divorce) to define me, but it did change me irrevocably.

“I’ve never ever been in the position where I’ve had to ask people for help.”

Three years after her heartbreak, Myleene was introduced to PR man Simon by some mutual friends.

The lovebirds’ relationship has gone from strength to strength and they welcomed their first child, Apollo, in August 2019.

Yesterday the TV presenter decided to praise her other half with a touching post, which she shared with her 363k followers on social media.

She wrote: “Five years to the day that we met. I would have walked through the fire a hundred times over (and faster!) had I known you were waiting for me. I love you heart, body and soul. X”


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