‘My salaries have gone UP,’ says a gloating Remainer who has been silenced for reveling in the Brexit roaming charge.


‘My salaries have gone UP,’ says a gloating Remainer who has been silenced for reveling in the Brexit roaming charge.

After gloating about the new post-Brexit data roaming tariffs, a GLOATING Remainer MP has been silenced.

Following his tweet, Peter Kyle, Labour MP for Hove and Portslade, was silenced by Brexit supporters, who were outraged that customers will now be charged for accessing data abroad by some telecommunication firms. “£2 per day to use your phone in the EU,” he tweeted. Another Brexit promise shattered.”

One Brexiteer responded to the Remainer MP by claiming that his wages have already grown as a result of the UK’s exit from the EU, rendering the additional price worthless.

“My wages have skyrocketed,” they claimed.

Another person argued that, given the pandemic, the higher roaming fee is insignificant.

“If I’m spending a grand on a holiday, I’m not bothered about another £20 if I want to speak to somebody back home separately; there are larger issues than this,” Chris Smith remarked.

“Who promised no roaming charges?” said another.

“It was pretty clear they were going to come in.”

However, one customer intimated that he would depart Vodafone because of the company’s intention to charge for data used outside of the country.

“It appears like I will have to leave Vodafone,” he remarked. “It’s all about greed.”

Vodafone said in January that subscribers in the EU will be charged £2 per day for data usage.

Users can purchase a 15-day package for £1 per day to spend their allowance on the continent.

Despite firms declaring they would not raise costs post-Brexit, Vodafone implemented a new regulation change on August 11 for people who had switched to new contracts or improved their plan.

“Rather than having all of our customers affected by incorporating the additional costs of roaming in all of our rates, customers will be able to choose a plan that includes roaming, or purchase an additional roaming pass,” Vodafone stated in a statement.

Existing customers will be unaffected by these changes as long as they are on their existing price plan, and roaming in the Republic of Ireland will remain free for all customers.”

Vodafone is the second company to declare roaming fees.

EE, which is owned by BT, stated in June that beginning in January, it will charge subscribers who go to the EU.

Only customers who started a plan after July 7, 2021 would be affected by these changes.

O2 has not announced any adjustments, but it does impose a 25GB data fair-use limit on anyone who exceeds it. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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