‘My blood is boiling!’ says the narrator. A enraged caller argues that the UK sugar and salt levy has reduced his or her freedoms.


‘My blood is boiling!’ says the narrator. A enraged caller argues that the UK sugar and salt levy has reduced his or her freedoms.

Following an independent evaluation by England’s National Food Strategy, a caller to LBC launched a scathing attack on the planned sugar and salt levy.

The plan was dubbed “totally absurd” by the caller, who claimed it was another another example of how “freedoms are progressively being undermined” in the United Kingdom. He asked, “Where do you draw the line?” before criticizing the government for “becoming involved in everything.” The comments came after the committee proposed that sugar and salt be taxed, and that the NHS prescribe veggies. The research also discussed how more taxes may be used to expand free school meals and encourage poorer people to eat healthier diets in order to combat rising obesity rates. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on the other hand, has dismissed the study, claiming that he does not want suffering Britons to spend more for food than they need to.

“My blood is literally boiling!” the enraged caller exclaimed.

“The government has no right to tell individuals what they may and cannot eat, let alone taxing and charging them more for it.

“It’s gotten to the point where it’s completely ludicrous.

“Can you tell me where you draw the line? But where do you draw the line?”

“We have a problem with the obesity crisis,” host Andrew Pierce responded.

“If we slapped a hefty tariff on cigarettes to attempt to deter people from smoking because of lung cancer….

“Shouldn’t very terrible food that causes obesity be taxed?”

“Everywhere I go, people are still smoking,” the caller insisted. People will still do it if the price is doubled or tripled!”

The caller went on to describe the potential sugar and salt tariffs as an attack on the freedoms of British citizens.

“This is the thing, people’s personal choices and freedoms are progressively eroding in this country,” he lamented.

The government commissioned an independent food investigation in 2019, chaired by businessman Henry Dimbleby, that advises the government to crack down on junk food and unhealthy diets.

After the nation’s health was cruelly revealed by the destructive impact COVID-19 had on overweight people, the evaluation concludes that historic food system reforms are required to defend the NHS, protect the environment, reduce obesity, and enhance the health of Britons.

The additional levies would be levied on manufacturers’ wholesale purchases of sugar and salt, resulting in higher retail costs.


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