‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Stars Whitney Thore, Buddy Bell Engaged?

Are Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell finally together? The trailer for the upcoming “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” episode surely suggests so. The longtime best friends may have even gotten engaged during their Alaska trip.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Whitney and Buddy shared an unexpected kiss earlier in the season. Then Buddy recently ended his romantic relationship with Chelsea Roark, who decided to just move back to Illinois.

With Chelsea out of the picture, is Buddy finally making a move on Whitney? Whitney did tell Buddy that she feels so lonely at this point in her life because she’s still single. The two have been the best of friends for a long time now and they even used to live together that fans of the show have been asking them to get together.

In the teaser clip TLC released via Twitter, Whitney reveals that she and Buddy took a side trip without their family and friends during their stay in Alaska. “We drove to Anchorage and got a hotel,” Whitney says in the video.

The trailer then shows a montage of photos from Whitney and Buddy’s special bonding moments during their trip as Whitney’s mom Barbara could be heard saying, “Buddy, Buddy, Buddy … It’s always Buddy,” in the voiceover.

The video then jumps to a scene where Buddy and Whitney are staring right into the camera. Buddy reveals that they just “got matching engagement …” But before he could finish his sentence, Whitney interrupts him and says, “Don’t tell them!”

According to Soap Dirt, Whitney and Buddy may have gotten matching tattoos and this could be their way of announcing their engagement. If not, then they may be simply messing with viewers who have been wanting them to become a couple for so long.

Last month, Whitney shared photos and a video clip from her side trip with Buddy on Instagram. Though she didn’t hint at them becoming an official couple, many of her followers agreed that they should be together because they are perfect for each other.

“Does anyone else get ‘You Belong With Me’ Taylor Swift vibes from these two are [sic] is it just me? I mean if his were a TV show they would definitely be endgame,” one fan wrote.

“Is it just me that thinks this [sic] two are life partners? The love they have is so special… Maybe one day it will happen,” another commented.

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