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Mum wows with simple trick for refreshing scratched wooden chopping boards in minutes

A mum has wowed social media with her simple trick for refreshing scratched wooden chopping boards – and it’s so easy you can get it done in just minutes.

The Melbourne woman – who goes by the name Mama Mila online – said refreshing your wooden chopping boards is ‘so simple’, but it ‘makes all the difference’.

‘This hack is so quick and it’s completely chemical-free,’ Mila posted on TikTok.

To ‘refresh’ your wooden chopping board, the mum said you simply need to cut a lemon in half and rub the entire board with the juice.

‘Once you’ve rubbed the board with lemon juice, sprinkle coarse sea salt and rub that in with a cloth,’ Mila said.

Leave it for a few moments, and then rinse the board and leave it to dry.

‘Finally, rub it with mineral oil as this prevents it from absorbing moisture and cracking over time,’ she said.  

Mila added that she buys her food grade mineral oil from the website, but has heard that coconut oil also works just as well.

Thousands who saw the simple trick were impressed with just how easy and effective it is, writing ‘Omg’ and ‘this is fantastic’.

‘I need this, my board just cracked,’ one commenter posted.

Others said they would definitely try it for themselves.

Previously, experts from Apartment Therapy explained why wooden chopping boards are better than plastic.

Researchers found that the grooves created by knives on the plastic surface traps bacteria, which cannot be cleaned manually. 

In contrast, bacteria is absorbed by the wood and disappears from the surface of the chopping board, dying over time.

This isn’t the first household trick Mila has shared with her thousands of followers.

In the past, she has explained how you can clean a microwave in just four minutes, as well as how to make your bed feel like a five-star hotel.

Mila also revealed how you can get ‘spa-worthy’ towels from home, with the help of some plain white vinegar.

The reason why vinegar works so well instead of fabric softener is that it ‘breaks down the residue from detergents leaving the towels soft and fresh’. 

Mila’s followers love the fact that she never turns to chemicals in order to get items in her home clean. 

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