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Mum wows thousands after sharing how she cleaned dirty white sneakers and made them look brand new

An Australian woman has impressed thousands of other mums online after revealing how she transformed two pairs of well-worn white sneakers and made them look sparkling new.

Andrea, from Perth, Western Australia, applied the popular $1.25 Aldi Di-San Stain Remover onto each shoe, then used a toothbrush to lightly scrub the surface before soaking the sneakers overnight in another Di-San laundry powder.

The ‘amazing’ results spoke for themselves as Andrea shared a before and after photo to the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, which exceeds 271,000 members. 

Her post has been ‘liked’ more than 1,500 times by other Australians who were impressed with the final result.

‘You are a life saver,’ one person said, another added: ‘These before and afters are so satisfying’.

‘Did you put these in the washing machine after soaking?’ a third asked, and Andrea said she washed them once but took the images before doing so. 

Andrea said prior to cleaning the sneakers she was originally going to throw them in the bin, but was happy she saved them. 

She also washed the shoes and laces separately.

Previously other customers have praised Aldi’s Di-San Stain Remover spray for it’s strong ability to remove though stains from all types of household surfaces, including shower glass, carpets, kitchen counters, splash-backs and ovens. 

As it seems everyone has the same problem keeping white sneakers sparkling clean, global fitness influencer Kayla Itsines has also previously shared her go-to sneaker cleaning tactic that differentiates from Andrea’s technique. 

Posting on her Instagram stories after being asked how she keeps her white shoes ‘so white’, the 29-year-old Forbes Rich Lister shared the secret to her perfectly white running shoes – and it’s surprisingly simple to replicate at home.

‘Get all of your white shoes and put them in the washing machine with two light-coloured old towels,’ Kayla explained. 

‘[Add] one scoop of washing powder and wash on a cold wash!’.

She concluded by saying that you should use ‘no fabric softener’ and ‘no Napisan’.

This is how she keeps her array of white sneakers gleaming. 

These weren’t the only questions that Kayla tackled in her Q&A session on Instagram.

The 29-year-old also shared what she eats in a day:

‘It’s different everyday. [But] I eat a Mediterranean diet. Bread, pasta, olive oil, fresh salads, meat, fish, home grown fruit and vegetables,’ she said. 

When it came to her workouts, Kayla explained she’ll hit the gym between three and four times a week for 28 minutes – exactly what she prescribes in her Bikini Body Guide workouts.

‘I also walk 5-6 days per week for 30 minutes at six kilometres per hour,’ Kayla added.

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