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Mum who ‘can’t cook’ shares how she made a ‘no bake corona cake’ for her husband’s 51st birthday 

A 45-year-old mum who ‘can’t cook’ has revealed how she put together an incredible ‘no bake corona cake’ for her husband’s 51st birthday. 

Vanessa Adamson, 45, from the Sunshine Coast, said she was in hospital for her husband’s big 50th celebrations last year, and so she wanted to make him something special to commemorate the milestone occasion this year.

‘I promised myself I would make him a cake this year, even though I’m not very good at baking and he used to be a professional chef,’ Vanessa told FEMAIL.

‘I wanted to make something he would remember forever.’

Vanessa said she made the cake with his favourite beer, Corona, and chocolate bars including Snickers, Crunchie and packets of Skittles.

Using three hat boxes, the 45-year-old said she carefully stacked one on top of another and then placed a series of Corona bottles around the large bottle at the base.

‘My husband’s favourite beer took on a new meaning this year,’ she said.

‘I then used black zip ties to place around the Corona bottles, so that they didn’t tip.’

Once this was done, Vanessa started working on the next chocolate and lolly layers – using zip ties all the way to keep the items in place.

‘I found the idea after searching on Pinterest,’ Vanessa said.

‘I saw a lot of soft drink ones, but thought 2020 was the perfect year for a “no bake corona cake”.

She added: ‘It was super easy to put together once I got started, anyone could do it.’ 

The finishing touch was tissue paper and golf balls on the top of the cake. 

When one of Vanessa’s sons saw her husband’s cake, she said he begged her for his own version for his space slumber party.

‘I made Brock a cake like his dad’s called the Rocket Cake,’ she said. 

 Brock’s cake included Mars Bars, Smarties, Milky Way, Milky Bars and Allen’s lollies.

The proud mum shared the results of her efforts on Facebook, where more than 1,000 people were quick to share their praise.

‘What a brilliant idea, this looks fantastic,’ one woman posted.

‘This is one of the best cakes I’ve ever seen,’ another commenter added. 

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