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Mum transforms her grimey toilet bowl with a $2.25 ‘miracle’ buy from Woolworths 

An Australian mother-of-three has revealed how she cleaned her toilet bowl and removed stubborn stains with ease by using an unlikely baking product from Woolworths.

Sharing her secret to the popular Mums Who Clean Facebook group, Lauren said she used two $2.25 tins of McKenzie’s Citric Acid to make the toilet bowl look sparkling new.

Although other mums have previously raved about the $11.50 Bunnings Warehouse Scalex product to clean their toilets and remove marks, Lauren said the citric acid works just as well for a cheaper price. 

‘I hate cleaning toilets,’ she said online, adding: ‘Two [tins of] citric acids dumped in the toilet for nine hours.’ 

‘The hardest part of the whole process was keeping people out of that bathroom and not use the toilet.’

‘I was going to use Scalex but citric acid worked out a bit cheaper per 100 grams and I could get it during my usual weekly shop,’ Lauren said.

Other mums part of the Facebook group replied to the post and said they have also used the cheap product to clean their bathroom toilets.

‘I use citric acid in my toilet on a regular basis…easy to use and by not using harsh chemicals I can get my kids to do it,’ one woman said.

‘I did this with mine a couple of weeks ago,’ another mum said, adding: ‘I just sprinkled a generous amount in (probably not even 1/4 of the tin). Left over night and then completely forgot about it in the morning.’

A third added: ‘Citric acid is the best! Awesome for toilets.’  

The budget product can be found down the baking section of Woolworths stores.

Some social media users said they have used the McKenzie’s powder to clean other household objects, such as bench tops, kettles and washing machines.  

‘I fill the washing machine with hot water, leave [the product in] overnight and [use] a normal cycle in the morning – usually use two tubes works every time,’ one woman said. 

Others who are yet to try the cleaning hack said they are eager to do so.  

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