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Mum sparks debate after making spaghetti with VEGEMITE for her kids

Would you try Vegemite spaghetti?

Would you try Vegemite spaghetti?

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A mother has sparked a debate on social media after sharing a simple four-ingredient recipe to make Vegemite spaghetti.

The woman, from Western Australia, said she used parmesan cheese, butter, dried pasta and the iconic breakfast spread to create the unusual meal at home.

Despite the bizarre ingredient, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has long been a huge fan of the dish after she previously revealed an Italian food writer introduced her to the recipe.

But not everyone was convinced about the odd ingredient after the Australian mother said she made the budget-friendly meal for her children.

‘Doesn’t look like much but if you love Vegemite then you’ll love this Vegemite pasta,’ she said.

To make the simple pasta dish, just salt the water as usual, put the spaghetti in the pot, and bring to boil. Once al dente, drain the pasta but set aside half a cup of the cooking water.

Next, mix butter and Vegemite in a saucepan with half of the pasta water until all combined. Stir the pasta through the mixture and add the rest of the water. Serve with cheese.

‘It took me literally five minutes [to make] and was pretty good… I devoured heaps. I added two tablespoons because I love Vegemite. If you’re not keen on it, just one tablespoon is more than enough,’ she said.

‘It is amazing for nights you can’t be bothered cooking. You can add as much or as little Vegemite as you like. It tastes like a cheese mite scroll.’

While many mothers confessed they have been making this recipe for their family for years, others weren’t too keen on the idea.

‘I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m really bloody curious yet grossed out,’ one woman said, while another added: ‘I’ve never ever tasted Vegemite, the smell though, not good so I’d pass on this.’ 

Another home cook said she was curious to try out the recipe but never had the courage to make it.

‘Was it good? I’ve been wanting to try it for ages but so scared that it will be a waste of time making it to throw it out,’ she said.

While another woman said: ‘I love Vegemite, cheese and pasta but was a bit sceptical. I’ll have to try it.’

One woman shared a picture of her own version, saying she made an ‘amazing’ Vegemite pasta with garlic and diced bacon.

Other home cooks revealed they’ve been adding Vegemite to other dishes, including potato bake, chicken noodles and meatballs.

In October 2018, Nigella Lawson urged Australians to mix Vegemite into their pasta dish, saying it’s the secret ingredient to a simple yet delicious plate of food.

‘You know, an Italian introduced me to this [recipe]. What would the Italians say? Well it was an Italian food writer who brought her children up making Marmite pasta,’ Lawson told the Today show.

‘Melted butter, tinny bit of the pasta cooking water, get some Vegemite or Marmite melted and some Parmesan. You’re welcome.’

Despite the fairly positive reception it received from many mothers, dietitian Lyndi Cohen said this ‘isn’t the kind of meal you should feed your kids often’.

‘You can create an equally tempting meal in the exact same amount of time with healthier ingredients,’ she told FEMAIL in November 2019.

Lyndi recommended swapping the spaghetti for a pulse variety – which is made out of legumes – because this will give your children an added boost of fibre and protein.

‘Swap the butter for extra virgin olive oil for a healthier source of fat to fuel healthy little brains and skip the Vegemite completely,’ she said.

‘While Vegemite contains B group vitamins it’s also really high in sodium. We all eat far too much sodium in our diets already and kids have more sensitive taste buds than adults do so it’s not necessary to add Vegemite and Parmesan.’

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