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Mum shares little-known trick to test if your dryer is running properly

An Australian woman has warned people thoroughly clean the lint trap inside the dryer with water every six months to ‘add life’ to the household appliance and keep it running properly.

Posting in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, Heather said that in addition to removing lint after use as usual, every six months it’s best to remove the lint trap, wipe off the lint and slowly run water over the filter.

If the water pools on top, this is an indication that the filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned with soap and a brush or scour. 

Others online have said lint traps can be very deceiving as they often appear to be clean but aren’t. 

Heather said the water remains on top of the lint trap as a result of a build-up in fabric softener.

She warned it’s important to clean this filter otherwise the dryer can overheat and possibly catch on fire – but luckily ensuring this precaution is easy to do. 

‘All you need is dishwashing liquid, an old brush (nail brush, tooth brush, anything of this nature), wet lint trap, add a little soap, scrub with brush [and] rinse! It’s that easy!’ Heather said.

‘Notice as you rinse it the water flows straight through and no longer stands on the screen! Do this every six months and add life to your dryer.’  

Other social media users were shocked at the little-known tip and thanked Heather for sharing the advice.

‘So if you don’t use fabric softener you don’t have this problem?’ one woman asked, to which Heather responded with ‘that’s right’.

The lint trap is often located at the back of the dryer or on the rim after the door has been opened. 

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