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Mum reveals the genius ‘treasure map’ trick she uses to get her daughter to do chores

As children are now at home more than usual due to the coronavirus outbreak, one savvy mum has shared her trick to encourage her daughter to complete home chores and every day jobs. 

An Australian mum revealed she creates treasure maps for her three-year-old to encourage her to complete household tasks every morning and night.  

‘My daughter loves games and if I don’t make everyday tasks a game, it can lead to arguments,’ the mum wrote online, adding: ‘With this in mind, I created a treasure map where she ticks off the duties and places she needs to “visit”‘.

The woman shared an image of two maps to the Mums Who Clean Facebook group.

The picture depicted the two maps, one for the morning routine and the other for the evening routine.

‘When complete, she comes to me (red marks the spot), where I will give her [the] treasure,’ the mum explained,’ the woman wrote online.

‘The treasure is usually a small reward, but it’s more the chase of the present that she loves!’

The mum mentioned the ‘treasure’ varies depending on their schedule but sometimes includes a chocolate cookie, playing digital games or half an hour of watching YouTube videos.

The woman also mentioned the evening routine specifically helps when her daughter is feeling ‘restless’ and ‘wants to help in her own way’.

This map consists of making the bed, putting all the dirty clothes in a basket or putting clothes away, putting all the toys away, setting the table, reading a book then seeing mum.

‘I help her read it and builds her confidence when she starts recognising the meanings behind the drawings,’ she said. 

The Facebook post has currently received 913 likes and 115 comments.

‘We need [a] six month treasure map,’ one user said, another added: ‘I’ll have to try this with my daughter!’ another mum commented. 

‘I might use this on my “adult” children from Sydney who have returned home due to uni closed and work hours cut. It seems one has forgotten how to shower and/or use deodorant,’ a third said. 

Another added: ‘Love it! This sounds like our daughter (we used to have to play hide and seek to get her to take her medicine…even if we were late). You’re brilliant!’

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