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Mum reveals her VERY simple trick for  stopping her $8 Kmart slides from squeaking as she walks

An Australian mum has revealed a clever trick to stop her $8 Kmart sandals from squeaking while she walks.

The department store’s double buckle footbed slides are a popular option among customers and seem to replicate the Birkenstock design, but a constant squeakiness often occurs when worn.

Posting to the Kmart Mums Facebook group, Vivian Maple said to silence the shoes she pierces each arch a few times with scissors.

‘It will leave holes in your shoes but no one will see them anyway once you wear them,’ she said online. 

‘Afterwards I did a few laps around the house and no more farting noises,’ Vivian said.

‘I’m glad because I was going to throw my sandals out. Now I can wear them this summer. Hopefully this trick helps others here.’

The slides are made from a synthetic material which is able to be easily pierced to create the tiny holes in each shoe. 

Other women part of the online mum group were surprised at how well the tactic works.

‘Oh I’m going to try this,’ one woman said.

‘I wear mine outside and my dogs look at me like I have bad wind,’ another added.

Several others tagged friends and family members in the comments of the post to share Vivian’s clever hack further.

The sandals are available in two colours across Kmart stores and online in sizes six to 11.

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