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Mum reveals her VERY simple trick for cleaning cloudy and foggy wine glasses

An Australian mum has shared her simple trick for cleaning ‘cloudy’ glassware, and you can do it with a few household staples and 10 minutes to spare.

The Melbourne woman – who goes by Mama Mila online – said you’ll need to get your hands on some white vinegar, warm water and a microfibre cloth.

Mila specialises in chemical-free cleaning and shies away from traditional cleaning products, preferring the likes of bi-carb soda, vinegar and eucalyptus oil.

To clean your glasses Mila explained you should first put some warm water into a sink or a bowl, and then add two cups of white vinegar to the mix.

Submerge the glasses and leave them for 10 minutes to soak.

‘Vinegar breaks down the mineral build up and leaves them sparkling,’ Mila said on TikTok.

Once you remove them, then gently wipe down the glasses with a microfibre cloth, focusing on any particularly tough areas.

The cloudiness should have been instantly removed, to reveal glasses that are as clear as they were when you first bought them.

‘Bless white vinegar,’ one commenter posted.

‘I love this,’ another added.

Mila explained that white vinegar also has many other handy uses around the home.

Not only can you use it to clean your glasses, but it can also be used on spectacles and sunglasses, and can help you get ‘spa-worthy’ towels at home.

‘Level up your self care routine with spa-worthy towels,’ Mila posted on TikTok. 

According to Mila, the first thing you need to do is set your washing machine to between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius.

Throw your towels in and add liquid detergent as well as half a cup of plain, white vinegar instead of fabric softener.

‘Do the wash as normal, shake the towels and let them air dry when they come out until nearly dry,’ Mila said.

‘Then, tumble dry them for just a few minutes until completely dry. This will help with softness and absorbency,’ she said.

The reason why vinegar works so well instead of fabric softener is that it ‘breaks down the residue from detergents leaving the towels soft and fresh’.

A two-litre bottle of plain, white vinegar typically costs around $1.20 from the supermarket.

Others swear by using vinegar in with everything they wash – from their sheets and towels to jeans and T-shirts, while experts from Good Housekeeping say it’s also good for removing carpet stains and cleaning windows and dishwashers.

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