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Mum reveals genius dinner hack for creating a Mexican grazing table

An Australian home cook has revealed how she created a ‘Mexican’ themed grazing table as a quick and easy way to make dinners more interesting. 


Snaps of the feast were recently posted to Facebook by a creative mum who said she wanted to offer family and dinner guests an alternative to a barbeque meal.

‘We had a few friends over for dinner and I thought we’d do a Mexican-style grazing table instead of BBQ.

‘Everything from Kmart, except the food. Massive hit.’

The woman’s offering included two platters of hot food served on elevated boards, grated cheese, lettuce and an array of toppings.

‘We have mince, spicy chicken, corn, tomato and red onion chopped in together, bean mix, a bowl of avocado, cheese lettuce, chilli sauce and the taco mix,’ the woman said.

‘We had three types of tacos, we had soft tacos, boat tacos and shell tacos.’ 

Since sharing online, the woman’s post has received more than 1,300 likes along with hundreds of comments from those who loved her unique idea.

‘Looks great!’ Said one. ‘A fun spin on a grazing platter. I bet it was yummy.’

While another said: ‘We need to up our game on taco nights.’

One person was even prompted to share how she’d created a version of the spread as a way to feed guests at a recent housewarming. 

Her ‘Taco Party’ featured a pinboard which explained ‘walking tacos, burritos, bowl full of nachos and tacos’ were all on offer.

Making things easier for guests was the fact the woman had used butchers paper as a table cloth and written down what each food item was.

She also added small packets of Doritos pegged to strings on an empty picture frame for a quirky and unusual touch. 

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