Mum rejoices after being found not guilty of drunk driving after saying she ‘necked’ pints of alcohol to ‘calm’ tensions AFTER the accident.


A MOTHER was seen celebrating outside of court when she was cleared of drink-driving after she claimed she had “necked” two pints of vodka to “calm” her nerves after a crash.

Kelsey Ridings, 26, who was with her four children pranged her Mercedes sports car into another vehicle but after exchanging details with the other driver she left the scene before police could attend.

Officers traced her to her home at Mottram near Hyde, Greater Manchester an hour later where an initial breath test showed she had 124 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath – the legal limit being 35mg.

But at Tameside Magistrates Court Ridings was cleared of drink driving after claiming she had consumed the two pints in just 15 minutes at the home of her best friend Paige Azad to ”calm herself down” before being given a lift home.

Miss Azad, 24, who poured her the drinks said it was ”a lot of vodka and a bit of coke” and claimed she would never have let her friend drive as she was godmother to her children.

In delivering their not guilty JPs said Ridings’ account was ”often confused and misleading” whilst Miss Azad’s evidence was ”totally incredible” but ruled prosecutors had not proved their case against her.

The 5pm incident occurred on May 6 after Ridings’ C250 car hit a black Peugeot 308 as she was returning home from a shop she was thinking of renting as a beauty salon.

The other driver Carl Kidd, who was taking his heavily pregnant partner to see his parents, told the hearing: ”She was well over on my side of the road and she was coming at speed.

“I steered away to avoid a head on collision but she caught the back end of my car. I made sure my partner was okay then went over to confront the other driver.

“She then opened the door and there were three kids in the back and a young girl in the passenger seat, all children.

”She got out and abruptly walked over to my car. I said: ‘look what you have done?’ and asked for her insurance details but she offered me £1,000 to not go through the insurance.

”I said there wasn’t a chance of that because the chassis was bent over where she had hit me and we went over it back and forth. I asked her again for her insurance details and eventually she gave them, got into her car and sped off.

“I then rang the police and got nothing else from [her]other than her name, insurance company and I had taken… Brinkwire Brief News.


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