Mum refuses to send her daughter to school until the family’s pet dog is euthanized.


Mum refuses to send her daughter to school until the family’s pet dog is euthanized.

A FRUSTRATED mother is refusing to send her kid to school unless the school dog is removed.

Irena Ivanyk, 44, and her partner Mark Gordon, 53, have petitioned The Mead School in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to have dog Mitzi removed because its hair is harmful to daughter Yana’s health. Animal hair allergy has been diagnosed in the six-year-old daughter, who is in second grade.

As a result, Yana has been home-schooled by her mother since September 16.

Irena, a real estate developer, claims, however, that her daughter misses school and being with her friends.

“Her airways become irritated when she is near animals,” Irena told Kent Live, “therefore it is not safe for her until the dog is removed.”

“She enjoys studying and being a part of the school; she enjoys being among the other kids.” “However, I don’t want my daughter to be reliant on an inhaler for the rest of her life.”

When she is among animals, her (Yana’s) airways become inflamed, thus she is not safe until the dog is withdrawn.

Yana’s mother, Irena Ivanyk

Irena claims she was unaware of the school’s decision to purchase a dog, which is thought to assist teach youngsters virtues such as empathy, respect, and kindness.

The mother, on the other hand, made the link at a parents’ night earlier this year.

Yana had already displayed allergy symptoms and was eventually diagnosed by her GP when she began “choking and suffocating” at home.

“It was extremely tough for me to see, and it was also extremely difficult for the rest of the family; we were all very scared and frightened,” Irena added.

“She was sick a lot of the time and had to stay at home, but it continued happening.”

“She got something that looked like a virus and it just kept happening, and we couldn’t figure out why.”

For the next four months, the youngster will use an inhaler.

Tiny dog hairs become airborne, and even if Yana is able to avoid direct contact with the dog during the school day, she is still at danger of developing symptoms.

Yana and Mitzi are unlikely to be in the same room at the same time, according to the school, which is independent and costs more than £3,500 per term.

Children must also sanitize their hands afterward, according to them. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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