Mum records herself driving at 88 mph on the highway before a terrifying crash.


Mum records herself driving at 88 mph on the highway before a terrifying crash.

A YOUNG MOTHER was spared jail when she caught herself driving at 88 mph on Snapchat before crashing into a highway barrier.

Crystal Ward, 27, slammed her VW Golf into the lane four of the M60 with such force that the engine block was removed from the vehicle. She had filmed herself speeding down the M6 between Barlow Moor and Sale, Greater Manchester.

Her dashboard, including her speedometer, was shown in harrowing court footage. On the approach to the highway, there was also loud music playing in the background.

As the automobile crossed the cross-hatchings on entry to the main road, her companion could be heard shouting “Babe” just before the camera cut off.

Ward slammed into a barrier at high speed, flinging herself from the driver’s seat and ripping the engine block off the car.

According to the Manchester Evening News, another driver collided with the engine on the fourth lane of the carriageway, but they escaped with only a punctured tyre.

Ward tested positive for cannabis and was found to be over four times the legal limit.

The engine block of the Golf was ripped off the vehicle as a result of the massive impact of the crash, and it came to rest in lane four of the M60.

Peter Connick, the prosecutor,

Ward was let go from Minshull Street Crown Court yesterday, despite the fact that a judge admitted she “might well have caused a fatality.”

Recorder Jon Close imposed a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years, as well as 15 days of community service and a three-month electronically monitored curfew between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.

She was also given a five-year driving restriction and was required to retake the exam.

“You are not going to prison today; you should be grateful to your attorney,” he remarked.

“For some reason, you drove straight into that barrier, and the impact caused the automobile to soar into the air, sending the engine flying.

“It could have easily resulted in a death.”

Ward acknowledged to driving under the influence of drugs, driving while disqualified, and driving without insurance.

In the incident, the mother from Bradford, West Yorkshire, was catapulted from the vehicle and landed on a nearby grass verge.

“She was driving on the entry slipway from junctions 6 and 7, and while she was driving, she.”Brinkwire Summary News”, said prosecutor Peter Connick.


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