Mum Kirsty is overjoyed after experiencing early menopause and giving birth to triplets.


Mum Kirsty is overjoyed after experiencing early menopause and giving birth to triplets.

Kirsty Baxter, an identical twin, was horrified when she learned she was set to enter early menopause.

She had a six-year-old son named Ted and wished to give him a sibling or sister, but doctors told her she had a slim chance of getting pregnant.

So she never anticipated to become pregnant with triplets, despite the fact that it was a two-million-to-one probability.

“I’m an identical twin myself, so falling pregnant with triplets was just unbelievable,” Kirsty, 38, from Altrincham, Cheshire, said. When we saw three heartbeats on the screen, we couldn’t believe it.”

Kirsty and her 38-year-old civil servant husband Tom had been trying for a second child. However, fertility testing revealed that she had nearly undetectable levels of the AMH hormone, indicating that her body was no longer making eggs and that she was approaching early menopause.

“When they told us that, we were devastated,” she said.

“We had hoped to give Ted another brother or sister, but we were told it was very impossible to do so.

“They told our only option was IVF, but that was unlikely to succeed because I didn’t have any eggs left, so we’d have to rely on donor eggs.

“I went to see a hypnotist, who told me to forget about my negative ideas and reminded me that all I needed was one egg to start a family.”

Kirsty made the most incredible discovery six weeks later. Against all chances, she became pregnant naturally.

“After everything the doctors had told us, I had defied all their expectations and was pregnant naturally,” she added.

In September 2017, she gave birth to a boy named Gus. She became pregnant again 16 months later. When the couple arrived for the initial scan, they were in for a triple surprise.

The triplets were born through caesarian section at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester at 33 weeks, weighing over 4 pounds each.

Rudy needed a lung operation to fix a problem.

“The daughters and I were transferred to a nearby hospital, but Dad had to stay at St Mary’s,” Kirsty explained. It was difficult to say goodbye to him.

“However, he recovered sufficiently to rejoin us after three days, and they all spent three weeks in hospital before we were eventually able to take them home.

“They’re all doing it.” According to Brinkwire Summary News.


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