Mum is distraught because her children are sharing a tiny council flat with a ‘family of mice.’


Mum is distraught because her children are sharing a tiny council flat with a ‘family of mice.’

A DESPARRING mother claims she is forced to share a tiny bedroom with her two children and a family of mice, and that she will not be moved for another five years.

Ellie Riches, 35, claims she has been sleeping on the floor for the past four years while sharing a small studio flat infested with rodents.

The mother, who lives in Pimlico, central London, with her 16-month-old son Nathaniel and five-year-old daughter Kenzie, said she and her children struggled to live and sleep in the three-room council home.

However, Ellie claims that the Conservative-controlled council told her that once Kenzie turns ten, it will take five years for her family to be eligible for a larger home.

“It appears that no one wants to assist.”

She said today, “They just seem to think this is adequate.”

“Going out causes me enough anxiety.”

It’s not ideal, but I don’t want to return home.

“If I had a bigger property, I would be able to solve the majority of my problems.”

Ellie claims she has to vacuum every morning because the flat is littered with mice droppings, as seen in photos taken this week.

Nathaniel was admitted to hospital as a newborn last year, according to My London.

“I’m squashed and claustrophobic,” Ellie continued.

Even for a couple, it’s a tight squeeze.

“Bedtimes are dreadful.

When they (the kids) go to bed, I sit in the bath and watch television so that it is quiet and they can sleep.

“My partner won’t be able to stay here, and the kids won’t be able to play if their friends come over.”

“I had to get rid of my sofa bed because it was infested with the creatures (mice).”

“When I opened it, there were droppings all over.”

“I have a mouse here who is always running around.

“It didn’t help that I was watching I’m a Celebrity at the same time we were having mice problems.”

I’m claustrophobic and squashed.

Even for a couple, it’s a tight squeeze.

Riches, Ellie

The mother explained that she cannot afford to rent privately and has been attempting to obtain a larger property from Westminster City Council since 2017.

However, the council claims that over 4,000 households in its jurisdiction are currently waiting for a council home.

According to Foxtons estate agency, the average monthly rent for a two-bed flat in Pimlico is £3,050.

Ellie’s family resides in the area.

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I feel squashed and claustrophobic. It’s a tight squeeze, even for a couple

Ellie Riches


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