Mum heartbroken after baby dies on New Year’s Eve: ‘He had the best Christmas.’


Mum heartbroken after baby dies on New Year’s Eve: ‘He had the best Christmas.’

On New Year’s Eve, a mother’s nine-month-old baby died, leaving her heartbroken.

Oscar Wren Williams was born with a serious heart defect and had to undergo multiple open heart surgeries.

The tot tragically died on New Year’s Eve after having the “best” Christmas with his parents, Hollie Williams and Joe Lee.

“He had the best Christmas,” Hollie said to Coventry Live.

He smiled from the moment he awoke and throughout the day.

“Then it just happened so quickly; he just deteriorated in front of our eyes so quickly that you blinked and he was gone.”

“We knew there was a chance he wouldn’t make it, but we never imagined it would be this soon.”

“All we wanted was more time with him,” says one of the group.

Hollie discovered her baby had a heart defect during her pregnancy.

Oscar was born with Tricuspid atresia, a condition in which a valve between two heart chambers does not form.

“We found out at the 20-week scan, were referred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and had a check-up on his development every week until he was born,” Hollie said.

“Then, when he was born, we were transferred from Coventry to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and he had his first keyhole surgery at the age of 24 days.”

“We were told to prepare for two major open heart surgeries and one keyhole, but we weren’t prepared for the constant in and out of hospital, being so worried, all of the ambulance trips, and then he had to have an emergency open heart surgery that was not planned,” says the family.

Before Oscar’s illness, the family was able to spend Christmas together at home.

“On Thursday (December 29), we had the community nurse come around,” Hollie said.

Everything appeared to be in order, but he had lost 300 grams.

“Because we had a cardiac baby, we have to call Birmingham if anything isn’t quite right.”

“So the community nurse called Birmingham, and they said it didn’t matter how much he weighed as long as his breathing and heart rate remained the same.”

Oscar’s condition worsened the next day, and the community nurse was scheduled to return the next day.

“By the time they were supposed to come for the appointment, we were already there,” Hollie explained.

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