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Mum goes on armed rampage and threatens drug dealers at gunpoint to stop her son doing meth

A vigilante mother went on an extraordinary street mission and threatened four drug dealers at gunpoint in a bid to stop her son using ice. 

Karen Rossiter was at her home in Claymore, in Sydney’s south west, on June 13 when she saw her son walk past the home affected by meth. 

The 55-year-old grabbed a rifle she kept hidden under her bed and took to the streets in search of drug dealers.

Campbelltown Local Court heard Rossiter had been previously diagnosed with anxiety-related mental health conditions, Macarthur Chronicle reported.

When she got to a home on Abrahams Way she held the gun up and said: ‘I’m just trying to find who the f**k was giving my son drugs’.

Both denied being involved and directed Rossiter to another home, court documents say.

She marched to the second home and accused two suspected drug dealers of ‘f**king my son up on ice’ while pointing the gun at them.

Once alerted, police rushed to Rossiter’s home but she denied she ever had a gun and instead used a long stick covered by a towel.

Upon searching the home, officers found the gun stashed in her bedroom, with court documents stating she confessed to finding it at a park six months prior.

Officers went through her phone and found a message saying she got herself ‘into trouble’.

‘Walked around every drug dealer in Claymore with a xxxx,’ the message read.

An application was made to have the charges dealt with under the mental health act but Magistrate George Breton dismissed it, saying they were too serious.

‘She essentially knocked on the door, pointed the gun in their face and said “someone has been selling my son drugs”,’ Magistrate Breton said. 

He said Rossiter did ‘as much as she could’ to intimidate people and taking to the streets is ‘never condoned’.

The 55-year-old was convicted of two counts of being armed with intent and possessing an unauthorised firearm.

Rossiter must undergo a two-year community corrections order and will have to attend counselling and stay away from alcohol and drugs.

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