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Mum gets worn-out sofa looking brand new by SHAVING lint balls off in seconds

A MUM has revealed her simple tip for removing lint balls from her sofa – and it only takes a few minutes. 

One mum was unimpressed with the state of her couch, after it developed fuzzy lint all over the seats and arms. 

Rather than splash out on a new settee, she came up with a genius way to revamp it – and it doesn’t cost a penny. 

She grabbed an electric razor, and shaved off all the bobbly lint from her sofa – making it look brand new again. 

Amazed by her discovery, she shared her tip to Facebook group Mums Who Clean, where it’s racked up dozens of likes. 

She said: “First time poster here, but I found this way too genius not to share.

“Not sure if this has already been posted before, but I just found the best way to remove those c*****y lint balls from my couch!!!’

She even shared a clip showing the shaver in action – demonstrating how easy it is. 

People are in awe of her simple tip to restore the sofa, with women claiming they’re going to grab their husband’s shavers to do the same on their own sofa. 

I use a manual shaver it works too

Commenting on the clip, one person said: “How have I not thought of this! Smart idea.” 

Someone else wrote: “Wow! That’s awesome!”

A third raved: “My mind is BLOWN!”

This person thought: “Hahaha my hubby is worried I’m going to wreck his clippers. Game on lol.” 

And somebody else is already a fan, admitting: “I use a manual shaver it works too.”

Agreeing, this person said: “That’s fantastic, we have old razors definitely will be giving this a shot.”

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