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Mum felt ‘sick’ after spotting spooky ‘ghost girl’ in background of family pic after years of ‘creepy hauntings’ in flat

A MUM was left feeling “sick” after spotting a spooky “ghost girl” in the background of a family picture – after years of “creepy” hauntings in their flat.

Alice Martin was scrolling through family snaps during lockdown when she spotted a strange shadowy guest looming in the background.

The photo, taken on April 27, shows Alice smiling with hubby Tom Brown and son Louie – with what appears to be the shadow of a girl standing by the door behind them.

The mum-of-one claims she can see a little girl with long hair, a defined facial shape and an object held in her hands as she peers in from her son’s bedroom.

Alice, 23, immediately sent the photo to her sister and turned up the brightness on the photo – and jumped when what appeared to be an eye came into focus in the photo.

The care assistant, usually sceptical of the paranormal, says she cannot explain the spooky shape as there was no furniture nor items hanging on the door at the time.

She said: “I see a little girl with long hair, holding something. It makes me feel on edge.

“I was saying to my partner that when I saw it I got sick. It’s not a nice thing. People are saying it looks like it’s good and it’s not there to harm me, but it puts me on edge a bit.

“I was looking over my pictures one night and was like, ‘what’s that?’. It caught my eye.”

She added: “I sent it to my sister asking her what she thought of it, and I changed the brightness on my picture a little bit. That’s when I could see the eye.

“The more my sister changed the filter on it, that’s when you could really see it make the face.

“You can see the face and the hair. You can see the eye and the face shape.

“I tried to say to myself that it’s just a shadow or something hanging on the door, but the more I look at it the more I think, ‘how is that, that?’.”

The mum said she was “surprised” by the responses she received.

She said: “It is strange. I was surprised by the responses we were getting. The other [ghost photos] I have seen I’ve always said it’s nothing.

“The majority of the people were saying that it’s definitely something there. A lot of people were saying they felt stuff when they saw it”.

Alice says she has always felt a spooky presence in the flat – where the telly and her son’s toys would turned on out of nowhere.

She added: “At the flat where that picture was taken, we weren’t very happy. We didn’t want to stay there as we didn’t really like it.

“Since we had been living there, my son would not settle in his room at all. His room is the room where the figure is [in that photo]. He slept with us for two years.

“A lot of my family are shocked he sleeps so well here because of how bad he was in the flat. He would just cry in there, hysterically crying.”

But the mum said that – in their new flat – they hadn’t had any issues and their boy had slept soundly.

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