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Mum creates jam and cream doughnut-eclair hybrids with Coles mix and the Kmart sausage roll maker 

An Australian home baker has revealed how she made a doughnut-éclair hybrid dessert filled with jam and cream.

While the dessert looks like an eclair, it’s made using a $4 doughnut mixture from Coles. 

Yvonne, from Queensland, made the unique cakes using one packet of the ‘Donuts with Glaze Icing’ mix then cooked the batter in her $29 Kmart sausage roll maker. 

By using the Kmart gadget, Yvonne said the dessert only took eight minutes to cook and formed the correct shape perfectly.

When the shells were ready she filled them with cream and topped with jam. 

She then posted the photo to a popular Facebook group and impressed other home cooks around the country.

‘Amazing!!’ one person said, another added: ‘That looks delicious.’

A third said: ‘Yvonne you have inspired me to buy that packet from Coles today!’

Over the past few months, the Kmart sausage roll maker has sold out across several store locations due to its popularity among customers.

Shoppers have also proven the product is versatile as a number of meals and desserts have been made using the device.

Some have previously revealed how to make banana bread, chiko rolls, pizza pies and apple pies using the popular Kmart appliance. 

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