Mum and long-lost son reunited after 52 years: ‘I was 14 when you were taken away from me…’


Mum and long-lost son reunited after 52 years: ‘I was 14 when you were taken away from me…’

A mother gave birth at the age of 14 but had to give her son up for adoption after only ten days… It’s been 52 years.

Lynne Oakes, 68, had her childhood devastated when she fell pregnant when an older guy took advantage of her.

She had searched unsuccessfully for years to locate her son, but thanks to the ITV show Long Lost Family, she has now had an emotional reunion.

The team discovered her son, Michael Cocks, who had been living in Thetford, Norfolk, since his adoption.

Michael, a 53-year-old builder, traveled from his home to meet Lynne, who lives just a few miles from where he was born.

“It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders,” she remarked. He insists on holding my hand all the time and refers to me as “mom.” It’s quite wonderful. It was awe-inspiring, just awe-inspiring.”

Michael was pleased as well, exclaiming, “I’m over the moon.” She’s a stunning woman. I’m just looking forward to spending the rest of our time together. She’ll play an important role in our family.”

Lynne has also been introduced to Michael’s daughter Ellie and her baby.

“This is a second chance for me,” Lynne exclaimed, overwhelmed. I’m a mother. A great-grandmother and a grandma.

“Isn’t it true that I’m extremely fortunate?” It’s fantastic. Is it possible that I’ll wake up tomorrow and realize this has all been a dream? No. Yes, it is correct.”

Lynne has gotten her first Mother’s Day gift, and the two are now in “daily touch.”

Lynne, a retired bank employee from north London, had married but had no children.

“I was too young,” she said in retrospect. It was too much for my parents to bear. As a result, it was kept quiet.”

Lynne was placed in a mother and baby home, where she gave birth to her son in May 1968. “I was feeding him and talking to him, apologizing,” she continued. I told him I loved him and would always love him, and that I would track him down one day.

“And then they simply wheeled him away and that was it. They put him in the crib and that was it.

“I was hoping to keep him. I couldn’t believe anything so lovely had been taken from me.”


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