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Mugger on Mexico bus beaten and left naked on the street

A group of passengers beat and undressed a man who attempted to steal their belongings when he boarded a bus in Mexico. 

The shocking incident took place Friday in Texcoco, a municipality in State of Mexico, after two men stopped a public transportation bus.

One of the suspects went inside the bus first and demanded everyone to hand over their belongings before the driver noticed the commotion and sped off with the would-be mugger on board.

The second suspect could be seen running alongside the bus before he was left behind.

The man took a couple of steps towards the back of the vehicle and grabbed a cellphone from one of the six passengers.

He subsequently made his way towards the exit door but a male passenger blocked his path and grabbed him by his arm. 

The rest of the customers intervened and dragged the man down to the ground as the bus was in motion. 

The thief begged for mercy but a passenger countered by questioning his toughness and decision to rob them. He was repeatedly kicked and punched as the driver continued his route.

A second video showed the moment three passengers threw the man out of the vehicle once it came to a stop in the municipality of Los Reyes de La Paz. 

One of the bus riders kicked him on the side of the head and left him unconscious while another passenger removed his pants, leaving him naked in the street.

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