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MPs challenge Prime Minister to take action on Long Covid.


MPs are urging the Prime Minister to address the health, wellbeing and employment arrangements for those living with Long Covid.

Writing in The BMJ today, Layla Moran MP, and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) group on coronavirus, says she wrote to the Prime Minister on 24 August after receiving first-hand accounts from hundreds of people living with the condition.

In it she urged the government to formally recognise Long Covid, commit resource to a rapid, comprehensive study of the condition, and provide the necessary support.

Recommendations include more research into the condition and its long-term effects, new guidelines for employers and GPs to help sufferers return to work, and regular collection of figures on the number of people living with Long Covid.

“It all has to start with formal recognition, and we’re not even there yet,” argues Moran. “At the time of writing, I have not received any response from the Prime Minister to our recommendations.

“If we can’t even respect those suffering with this condition by formally acknowledging their plight, how are we supposed to put the support in place that is clearly needed?” she adds.

What’s clear is that general awareness of Long Covid, and its seriousness, is too low in Westminster. That’s why as an APPG we will continue to work hard in the coming weeks to raise awareness of it in both Houses of Parliament. After all, we’re doing this to save lives. That’s what matters,” she concludes.

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